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About Us

Mission statement

Provide Engineering designs, drawings and prototypes to help our customers see and feel what they are thinking. We are YOUR engineering department.

How we do it

Using the latest in 3D design and engineering software coupled with vast prototyping solutions.

Why choose us

We are like having your own full service engineering department…Your own research and development team. Over 25 years in product design and development and over 60 patents in locations around the world. We use the latest versions of SolidWorks 3D design package with built in FULL Finite Element Analysis capabilities. We have photo rendering software, animation software and the full suite of Microsoft Office software for documents, spreadsheets, calculations

and presentations. We will quote your needs up front and guarantee meeting that quote.We have over 20 years experience designing for die casting aluminum(s), zinc castings, injection molding plastics, compression molding (carbon fiber), machining of aluminum alloys, steel alloys, invar, medical and industrial titanium, medical plastics, consumer plastics, magnesium.

We are familiar with ASTM standards for welding (including laser welding). We are familiar with mil specs for plating processes, conversion coatings, passivation, and powdercoating. We also have software that will flat pattern complex sheet metal parts. Our other skills include tooling, fixturing and automated equipment (hydraulic and pneumatics).

We have 15 years of providing engineering support to small businesses and individuals. Arrangements can also be made to be on-site with your team or customers if you feel this better suits your needs.

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