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Inventor/Invention help

Why we do it...

Inventors and gadget people alike abandon their ideas  because large design firms can consume thousands of dollars and still  leave you feeling unsatisfied or lost on what to do next. Those ideas need to be seen. We know how to get you there.

Why choose us...

Your idea is your child; every concept is special and  important to you. That is what makes it important to us. The  personalized attention we give, and the satisfaction you get from seeing your idea grow, needs to be realized. We focus on the development and the important stages of a project where growth needs to happen fast. We  are also more than willing to see you all the way thru, as far as you want to go, even up to the consumers hands. We have the resources and  contacts to answer those questions "how do I do this" and "what do I  need to do now". We have served over 50 local inventors and companies that by word of mouth are expanding our client base quickly.


The concept...

We can help take that cocktail napkin sketch and turn it into something that can be felt and seen. Then we take that concept into something that works. From horseshoes to children's furniture (actual customers), we have seen them all. We can take that concept and give you a stunning visual look into the potential of what it could be.

The patent...

We have references for patent attorneys up the east coast  from Orlando to Hartford. One of the numerous services is to get the  drawings needed for that I idea recognized and protected. We recommend  immediately putting the idea on paper and mailing it to yourself . That  unopened envelope will provide protection for one year.

The plan...

Where do you want to go once you have the patent application in motion? We can work with you to evaluate that step based on your  needs. It all starts with a 3D design of the concept. From there, photo-renderings and presentations for proposals, rapid prototyping in  plastic in less than 48 hours. Do you want machined functional parts? We can provide manufacturing drawings recognized around the world. You  have choices, how far you want to go is up to you.


Our deliverable is usually a CD containing electronic copies of any document you provided or we created. CAD models, translated files, pictures, scanned documents, videos, invoices and e-mails. All of these are organized smartly for you to browse and retrieve as you need. Black and white prints on 8.5 x 11 can also be provided free ofcharge.  Color at $1.00 per sheet.

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