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Nuts and bolts

Nobody knows what services the project will need. Below are the services we can provide. If we do not list it here, do not be afraid to ask. If we cannot provide it, someone in our network of value added resources can.

-Conceptual sketches - Our team is artistic and creative. Pencil sketches can be done from your verbal descriptions or we can meet and brainstorm to develop your idea.

-Consulting - Whether you cannot get your current product to work, or have an idea that you would like to bring to fruition, we can help. We can exceed your expectations in industrial designs (the look) and make a functional mechanism with the fit, form, and function intended. Not sure what materials to use? Let us determine the best material for your application.

-3D CAD models - Want to see your idea, this is the first step. These designs can be done with no size in mind, or our team can develop the concept proportionally correct. The best method is based on your input, and creative licensing by us, to get the size right. We base this on the application of your idea. We can export the 3D model to numerous formats recognizable around the world by other CAD packages.

-Photorendering - We use cutting edge software to apply material, color and textures to the model. We then use high-tech “lighting” to make your 3D model look like a photograph of your product. This file is viewable with standard Windows based image viewers.

-Animation - Want to see your product in action? Whether your idea has moving parts or you want to watch your product assemble itself, we have the tools. You get a video file universally recognizable by any Windows based player (Windows comes with “media player”).

-Presentations - We can create a presentation for investors or potential buyers of your product or idea using 3D models, animations, sketches, pictures, videos and eye catching graphic designs. Presentations are best viewed with PowerPoint viewer (free from Microsoft website). We can print on 8.5 x 11 paper in color. Your local print shop could print whatever your needs are.

-Manufacturing drawings - If you need to get parts made, you need one or both of the following: A dimensioned drawing (drafting service) and /or a CAD model for direct machine programming (CNC). We follow the latest ASME international drawing and drafting standards for documenting how to make and assemble your product. We can export various formats recognized by CNC machine centers all around the world. We also create Adobe .pdf files for computer viewing and can print copies. For machine centers we can export to .DXF, IGES, PARASOLID (X_T, X_B), or STEP (.step .stp).

-FEA, Finite Element Analysis- If you need to know if your product is going to bend and how much under a given load, we can solve that problem using the latest software. We can create a report, export images or video.

-Prototypes- Once we have a 3D CAD model, a glass filled plastic model is as quick as 48 hours away. These parts can be sanded, painted (we can do) or plated. Also available are quotes and delivery schedules on metal or plastic machined parts. These can be available in as little as 5 days depending on material and complexity.

-Production runs- need to order 25, 50, 1000? We have the resources to get them. Value added contacts and a global sourcing partner company, we can get your parts from the United States to China and sources in-between for every budget.

-Research and Development- We have the ability to research materials, processes, patents, mechanisms and finishes. We can them and translate the data into a user-friendly format.

-Reverse Engineering- Do you have a part or product with no way of replicating it? Let us create a model and drawing that you can take anywhere and get one made.

-Drafting service- Do you need a line drawing to get a part or product made? We can provide the drawings. In addition a 3D model can be included at no charge.


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